Plug-able EMR

Wenzins EMR brings in electronic medical recording system to the finger tips of the Hospital stake holders to provide a healthy experience to the patients.

Everyday functional services of the Hospital such as, Patient Registration, Out Patient Care, In Patient Care, ICU, OT, Laboratory Information System, Radiology Information System, Pharmacy, and other additional modules are electronically interlinked semantically to deliver optimal experience for all the users of the Hospital. This semantic electronic linking is achieved by bringing in contextual user experience templates for each user of the Hospital Management System.

User experience of each of such individual applications are intuitive and not more than few minutes away without deviating from the main function, which is delivering the patient health care.

Plug-able EMR is a set of complementary modules cherry picked from Wenzins EMR, works independently without its in-house parent HMS, yet blends with any external HIS to provide a “Single Sign-On” features. This provides a business practice integration with patient care work flow.

Apart from enabling electronic medical records, it also brings in (when appropriately coupled with any HIS) auto indenting as and when patient care occurs, Paper-less experience, Patient Module for patients’ usage, admission & discharge a button click away, patients’ vitals available to patient care owners finger tips by delivering context sensitive information through smart devices.

Integration of this Plug-able EMR requires both HIS and Wenzins to perform handshake and exchange information/data through programming interfaces

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