Conceptualized in year 2013, Wenzins vision is to use technology and transform information into intelligence for greater accessibility and improved efficiency. And over the years Wenzins evolved into a matured "Product Engineering and Services Company", mainly focusing in digital transformation.
With more than 100+ years of rich experience with leadership expertise in wide range of domains like Telecome, Health, Internet and Retail. Wenzins has R&D centre in Bengaluru, India and with offshore marketing offices in USA and Singapore.
In 2017, Wenzins proudly announced their flagship product Wrizto which offers sustainable, innovative and interoperable knowledge baed enterprise product and platform services in healthcare domain. Aside to, Wenzins has built and deployed multiple product and service platforms customised for various customers across Asia and USA. Our Product-platforms (IPs) span across Healthcare, Media-Video conference using cloud computing, Retail, Social Networking, Process management etc. 
We work with our clients to help engage by envisioning and creating better products, user experiences through agile digital skills, innovation and cross domain expertise.