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Introducing "Consumer Health Ecosystem"; enables individuals to conveniently and quickly manage health data for near and dear.
B2B Services
In the B2B verticle we have range of business and technology services for the healthcare, Internet and mobility enterprises. We strive to build and manage the systems-software to meet immediate to long-term needs of the clients. Wenzins's MPulse and wROM product platforms are designed to match -
  Small-to-medium business in the speciality of healthcare, retail and manufacturing
  Suitable for businesses who are looking for automating their current practices for effective utilization of the resources with real time tracking 
electronic health records?
The need for centralized health records available to all authorized health care providers, clearly explained...
Health 2.0 - Health 2.0 promotes, showcases and catalyzes new technologies in health care. We do this through a worldwide series of conferences, code-a-thons...
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Wenzins "Consumer health Ecosystem" is launched - this enables individual to take ownership of their health for improved wellness. Initial edition is limited to invitation based registration for the few weeks.
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4th Annual Fleming Healthcare IT India Summit on 17-18 May 2016 @ Bangalore - revolves around the central theme of healthcare and technology...
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